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Charterhosue Verti Drain 1513

Ex-hire Star Buy

Stock Number: 20079783

£7,500 +vat
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Key Features

  • Weight 433kg (952lbs)

  • Working width 1.3m (51”)

  • Working depth max 150mm (6”)

  • Capacity at 55mm (2 ½”) forward hole pattern 2388m2 /h (25700sq.ft/h)

Additional Features

  • Capacity at 125mm (5”) forward hole pattern 5427m2 /h (58415sq.ft/h)

  • Minimum Tractor hp required 20hp, lift cap 500kg (1100lbs)

Please note that our ex-demo and ex-hire machines will remain in service until sold and a replacement is available, this might delay delivery from time of order for 10-14 days. Whilst every effort is made to ensure that the hours shown are correct there may be a small variation upon delivery.


Year of manufacture:

Type: Ex-hire




Stock Number: 20079783

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